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We fight against lung cancer and we use sport as a tool for social transformation and inclusion for children in risk of social exclusion.

Own projects

Child and Adolescent Rehabilitation Therapeutic Area

Construction of a new Therapeutic Area for Child and Adolescent Rehabilitation at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, which will offer a more specific treatment focused...

Started: 10/09/2021 Finish: 10/09/2023
356,483.00 raised


Early detection of cancer with Trueta Hospital

We joined the Hospital Trueta de Girona to advance research that will allow early detection of lung cancer and thus save more and more lives.


Own projects

Sala ICO Badalona

Cuando Ricky Rubio pone en marcha su Fundación el 19 de julio de 2018 manifiesta su interés en crear un espacio apropiado, cómodo, versátil, diferente,...

Started: 12/06/2020 Finish: 01/10/2021
0.00 raised


The drive to help others is something that I have learned since I was a child. My Foundation aim to reflect my inspiration and to offer a service to society.


All about me

The project consists of blackboards designed to improve the hospital experience and the expression of the feelings and emotions of hospitalized minors.



Christmas every month with Kidalos

With the support of The Ricky Rubio Foundation, the Vall d'Hebron Children's Hospital will have 84 rotating toys, thanks to Kidalos' innovative formula.


More projects

Own projects

One Month One Cause

Started: 25/05/2024 Finish: 25/05/2024
2,410.00 raised
Started: 25/05/2022 Finish: 31/12/2022
16.00 raised



Started: 06/04/2021 Finish: 31/12/2022
12,561.00 raised

Own projects

Liquid Biopsy

Started: 17/11/2020 Finish: 17/11/2022
15,290.00 raised

Own projects

Lung cancer

Started: 10/06/2019 Finish: 17/11/2021
5,155.00 raised

Own projects

Space dexeus

Started: 07/01/2019 Finish: 07/01/2020
25,152.00 raised
Started: 09/09/2018 Finish: 09/10/2019
90,000.00 raised

Own projects

Community Team

Started: 01/09/2018 Finish: 31/12/2021
40,030.00 raised

Own projects

Special Olympics

Started: 19/06/2018 Finish: 31/12/2021
5,010.00 raised

Own projects

Luca Project

Started: 01/06/2018 Finish: 31/12/2020
13,192.00 raised

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