About this project

“I Am Ready” is an innovative proposal developed jointly by The Ricky Rubio Foundation and Nixi For Children: it consists of a virtual reality kit for pediatric oncology patients in different hospitals to go through their radiotherapy treatment avoiding sedation and achieving less fear and anxiety when undergoing the procedure.


Ricky Rubio went through the pain of losing his mother a few years ago, and one of the memories he still has from those times was how difficult and cold he found waiting in hospitals, just before seeing the doctors. “There are little things a hospital can do to help patients’ happiness. It shouldn’t all be bad news for patients, and in bad spaces“, the current Minnesota Timberwolves player said.

That is why 2018 launched The Ricky Rubio Foundation, which has as one of its pillars of action the awareness against lung cancer. As part of the pursuit of these objectives, Ricky Rubio inaugurated in September 2019 “Urban Oasis”, a relaxation and comfort room for patients undergoing cancer treatment at the Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona, to make their stay at the Hospital more pleasant for both patients and their families.

In this same sense, “I Am Ready” was born, but this time with the focus on children and to generate a better hospital experience, reduce stress and anxiety that can occur before undergoing a radiotherapy treatment, where the necessary machinery, sounds and lights, can generate fears in patients, who in some cases even have to be sedated before starting the procedures.


The objective is to offer children an immersive experience in which they can accompany Ricky Rubio in a training session at the Next MVP in Badalona. With the videos that will be available to the children, instead of preparing to undergo the treatment, their eyes will see that they are preparing to share a training session with Ricky Rubio. In this way, the virtual reality glasses will allow the children to go through their radiotherapy sessions immersed in another vision of the environment that surrounds them, especially considering that during the sessions they cannot be accompanied by any of their family members.


This project has great collaborators. Thanks to the generosity of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, it has been possible to carry out the first recordings and, for this reason, it will be the first institution to implement this new methodology. In addition, the illustrator Miqel Vila put all his talent at the disposal of this project to design the “I Am Ready” logo.