About this project

Community rehabilitation of a basketball court in El Masnou, with the collaboration and joint work of Ricky Rubio, volunteers, associations and the City Council of El Masnou.


Ricky Rubio always returns to his origins: although he has been playing in the NBA for many years and has lived in many cities in the United States, it is in Barcelona and, more precisely, in El Masnou, where the Indian Pacers player wants to leave his mark. Currently, the court is in very poor condition, preventing hundreds of children from the community to enjoy the space, learning values through basketball and forming friendships.


This ambitious project aims to include and involve all the actors of El Masnou in a real and tangible change that will include the people, the different associations of El Masnou and the City Council. Ricky Rubio himself will join the proposal, working alongside neighbors, citizens and authorities, leaving an inspiring message of the success that projects can achieve when we work as a team and we all unite with the same purpose. The repair work will be guided and coordinated by a company specialized in team building.

The rehabilitation will be carried out in two stages:

  • The rehabilitation itself with volunteers and specialized people: in addition to the track, the benches, the indoor soccer court, the nets and the children’s play area will be refurbished.
  • The painting of the track.


Thanks to the collaboration of Pau Rufaza, the track will have an exclusive design specially created to make this track unique.