About this project

Multifunctional hall for patients with cancer treatments and their families.


When Ricky Rubio starts his Foundation on the 19th of July 2018, he expresses his interested in creating an adequate space, comfortable, versatile, different, practical and cosy for the patients and their families who have to receive chemotherapy, an experience that in his experience is really disheartening.


Rubio is convinced that another reality more manageable and pleasant in this situation is possible. The Ricky Rubio Foundation promotes the creation of a hall with different areas and uses for this kind of medical activity. A space that can offer different alternatives for leisure and entertainment,  but it also offers services such as a lecture room or TV area, a provisional office with computer rooms with good internet connection, a place where meetings and medical workshops can be held and mostly a meeting point where emotional support can be found for the patients. All in a space that is not decorated as a hospital but rather a space that is more relaxed and peaceful.


The project of Space Dexeus is created to bring this opportunity to the patients and their families.   An initiative that comes from Instituto Oncológico Rosell, Dr. Santiago Viteri team and The Ricky Rubio Foundation. The Hospital Universitari Quiron-Dexeus appreciates the value and sensibility of the idea and suggest a hall that is closer to the area where the medical treatment is taking place for lung and breast cancer patients . The area has the exact conditions to become a space capable to transform the patient’s mood.


The process has been complex because to develop an area capable to meet all the demands and requirements agreed on to become an idea that has the possibility to replicate the model in other hospitals. All the opinions from patients and doctors have been taken into consideration for approving architectural personalized space. The actual prediction is that the Space Dexeus will be built and ready next Autumn.