About this project

JaviFest! is a party to celebrate the life of Javi Gálvez. Javi is special, with a lot of energy and light, and the people who love him will celebrate together his life and life, sharing what he was passionate about: sports, music, food, drink… always surrounded by his loved ones and always with his characteristic smile.

Javi suffered a lung cancer that he could not overcome. With his party we also want to do our bit for the fight against cancer. All the activities will contribute to Trueta’s research project, which The Ricky Rubio Foundation supports, and which works to achieve an early diagnosis of the disease.

Find more information at: www.javifest.org

Javi Gálvez Association
The aims of the Javi Gálvez association are to promote actions that provide capital for charitable projects. Actions that follow some of the passions of the person who gives name and reason to this association, such as sport, life and love. The association organizes the Javifest! with activities to obtain benefits for the fight against cancer.