About this project

The special trainers and the t-shirt that Ricky Rubio used to wear in the basketball game against Boston Celtics will be auctioned off to raise money for the organization 5 For The Fight. The organization aims to raise awareness and money to support ground breaking cancer research. Qualtrics, one of the 5 For The Fight sponsors, is also one of the sponsors of the Utah Jazz.

The night was dedicated to support Ricky’s initiative to raise money for the fight against cancer. The Utah Jazz point guard contributed as an ambassador by selling his trainers as well as t-shirts with supportive messages printed on them. Throughout his speech, he gave messages of encouragement to his own family and support for all of the organizations that contribute to the ongoing investigations to cure lung cancer.

Ricky auctioned his “Adidas Crazy Explosive” navy blue and white trainers, which were a commemorative sneaker, designed exclusively for the “5 for Fight Night.”

As an ambassador of the campaign, he auctioned the trainers as well as his game t-shirt and an autographed basketball. In addition to the auction, Ricky also met his fans after the game, which contributed to the cause.

Ricky personalized his trainers with the names of the people closest to him who have been affected by cancer. It’s gestures like these that strengthen his fight against cancer. Through his own foundation, The Ricky Rubio Foundation, he aims to continue to raise awareness of the ongoing battle against lung cancer. The foundation is working nonstop for the openings in Barcelona, Spain and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ricky Rubio’s Instagram conveyed a clear message, “For the ones who are fighting against cancer you are not alone. #5forthefight.”