About this project

The Community Team Project is a program that focuses on educating values to youth through playing basketball. The program is led by coaches and specialized institutions to assure the success of the program.

To designate the beneficiaries of the program we identify disadvantaged neighborhoods in towns like Barcelona and Girona. The children are chosen by social workers from their respective city halls.

The program uses educational tools that the youth can use in their everyday lives. The goal is to achieve, through playing basketball, skills that show the kids how to be responsible citizens as well as good athletes.

The integration of the everyday skills learned during their basketball training promotes a holistic education.

The importance is to motivate the families of the children to get involved in the project therefore, resulting in a higher impact on the youth. It is also important to provide psychological and social support as a way to improve their personal progress.


The methodology selected by The Ricky Rubio Foundation has a clear objective which is to integrate through sports the 10 skills for life chosen by Health World Organization. Skills that are remarkably essential to their personal development and social progression. The program added one more, which is team work, as an inherent value in sports.

The Health World Organization supports the importance of psychological support to promote health; both physically and mentally. It also considers that social, cultural and family changes over the last decade has been difficult elements to learn from home. For that reason all of the institutions where the children assist (school, extra school activities, etc.) should help the importance of promoting health.

  1. Self-knowledge / Understand oneself
  2. Empathy / To empathise with other people
  3. Interpersonal relationships / How we communicate with one another.
  4. Assertive communication / Assertive communication
  5. Creative Thought / To find different ways of thinking
  6. Decision maker / Tell what you have to say but politely
  7. Critical thought / have your own opinions
  8. Manage the emotions and feelings / Know how to control yourself
  9. Manage the tension and stress / Control yourself in a stressful situation
  10. Resolve problems and conflicts / Face problems with the best attitude
  11. Teamwork


For children, basketball represents a school for life, a place where they work and take on responsibilities. The dynamic of the group that comes from training happens to be a step forward in their relationship with the world. It is through sports where children learn how to behave and react when winning and losing. This learning comes from hours and hours of training where a methodological activities take place. Those activities are specially designed for children that will learn values through playing sports.


For the first year, 2018-2019, more than 200 children from Associacio Esportiva Ciutat Vella have been taking part in the Community Team Program. Aside from working on their basketball skills, TRRF have given equipment, events and forums about gender equality to the children.

Going forward, not only AE Ciutat Vella will take part in the Community Team Project, from this year, the program will also run at Font de la Polvora, Girona, where more than 200 children will have the opportunity to join the team.


Children are capable of changing the dynamics both inside and outside of the family background. During the school year, the program looks to develop skills like self-knowledge, good communication skills, how to manage your own emotions, feelings or stress and also values that comes from sports like effort, respect and teamwork.


The coach is someone who is comprised of many things: society, capability to take on responsibilities to achieve goals, dreams or objectives that give sense to their work, somehow, to improve the quality of the children’s lives, to train teams represent somehow a collective dream, a dream that comes from children who want to learn to play basketball, and also to become apart of a team where you can make friends, but mostly a place where responsible citizens will growth.

For coaches, it is really exciting to train weekly and play a game. The coach plays a huge part, because it is he or she who the children look up to. When the coach become a role model it is the perfect set-up to shape the children minds. Not only as a basketball player but most importantly to help them to develop social skills to put into practice in their daily lives.

We have the obligation to motivate them and to learn how to be there during difficult moments because when children learn how to accept losses it becomes a great skill to apply into their daily lives. Also, the coaches work on their tactical and technical skills in basketball to help them to become better basketball players too.