About this project

“All about me” is one of the humanization initiatives of the Emotional Wellbeing working group and the Humanization Commission of the Vall d’Hebron Children’s Hospital. It consists of the placement of a DIN-A2 size blackboard that will be placed next to a visible place in each bed of the pediatric hospitalization units.

This project was born with the aim of providing greater emotional well-being to children and their families, proposing to the children a series of slogans to complete with their personal data and tastes, to facilitate contact between them, humanize the reception of the child in the hospitalization unit and distract them with a creative and participatory activity.

Thanks to the talent of the artist Mar Castell and the generosity of HP and CP Printing Emotions, children from different pediatric hospitalization units of the VallD’Hebron Children’s Hospital will have the opportunity to go through their hospital experience in a warmer way.