About this project

Kidalos has launched a digital platform that, through a subscription, allows to renew a wide range of educational and sustainable toy rentals so that Christmas will arrive every month and not only in December.

The Vall d’Hebron Children’s Hospital will receive these educational toys for a year, with the support of The Ricky Rubio Foundation, which for years has been closely linked to the care and accompaniment of the children’s pediatric area, especially in the oncological field.

For Kidalos, the project contributes above all to the education of the little ones, since in addition to avoiding boredom and constantly giving children the illusion they feel at Christmas, it instills in them a social conscience with important values such as learning to share and take care of toys, practicing detachment, and for the Vall d’Hebron Children’s Hospital it also means an improvement in the attention and care of hospitalized children.

The initiative is part of the project to make Vall d’Hebron a friendlier hospital that cares for the welfare of patients, families and professionals both inside and outside the buildings.