‘Urban Oasis’, The inspiration of The Ricky Rubio Foundation Hall

‘Urban Oasis’, The inspiration of The Ricky Rubio Foundation Hall

The works of the Ricky Rubio Foundation Hall of the Dexeus-Quiron Center are progressing well with the prospect of being able to open it and make it operational on September 18th. The Ricky Rubio Foundation reiterates its gratitude to all people and institutions that have collaborated and that will make its use and availability possible in an efficient and above all practical way within a few days.

But in addition to a physical space, Ricky Rubio has expressed his desire to equip it with soul and feelings. He desires that this design invites to live a different clinical experience, less traumatic from the point of view of the patient and the family. At the same time, the hall provides the ability to offer clinical and emotional services.

The most complex process has been, since then, to develop a room design capable of complying with all the conceptualized requirements so that it ends up being not only suitable and a reference in its kind, but the first one of a replicable space in other centers. Specialists, patients and their environment, who play a major role in this type of treatments, have been consulted with the purpose of finding a unique and personalized architectural structure that, in turn, has been able to generate enough interest to initiate the fundraising for financing.

Despite being a difficult design challenge, it has been accepted by Jèss Dellà, Interior Designer & Founder of Studio Invitado, a leading firm in the sector that decided to apply the Urban Oasis concept to the project.

“The purpose of this space is the well-being of all its users. An emotional, physical and healthy well being, where they will not only come to be treated, but to feel better, to feel support and where they can share with other patients and specialists all the concerns during the cancer treatment process. It aims to be a casual, leisure and training space away from the solemn and sober environment to which we are accustomed. A small oasis inside the hospital, which will consist of four different environments: Swim, Chill, Connect and Pick & Roll”. This has been his vision and starting point.

In a few days we will see it.