TRRF celebrates smoking reduction after the campaign #aguantasinfumar

TRRF celebrates smoking reduction after the campaign #aguantasinfumar

Tobacco use in men and women has been reduced by 1.7% in Catalonia compared to 2018, according to the Health Survey of Catalonia (ESCA) 2019. The study concludes that 23.9% of the adult population smokes, 29.2% of those are men and 18.8% women. The sample also finds a lower percentage of smokers during 2019 compared to the previous year, both men and women of all age groups.

The Ricky Rubio Foundation, in this World No Tobacco Day, celebrates these results with the desire that, one day, consumption will be reduced to a minimum, after having participated in the campaign #AGUANTASINFUMAR of the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Ricky Rubio and his foundation, which has the objective to promote the Lung Cancer prevention, especially fighting smoking as a risk factor present in more than eighty percent of the patients diagnosed. The data indicated that this increase had been located also in adolescents and young people, a group of enormous importance since almost 7 out of ten adult smokers stated between 15 and 20 years.

For this reason, the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Ricky Rubio are concentrated on sending a very clear message to this age group in the campaign #AGUANTASINFUMAR. Ricky endured uncomfortable situations such as riding a children’s tricycle or in a low cost airplane seat: “If Ricky Rubio holds… you can endure without smoking”, was the slogan of the various Ads that were distributed through the most appropriate channels to reach the adolescent community through the networks more powerful social.

The Masnou international basketball team recorded the spots last summer at the pre-World concentration Basketball Championship of China in which he was proclaimed champion and MVP of the final and tournament. Then, in the fall, he presented the campaign at the Lluïssos de Gràcia basketball court next to the Consellera de Salut Alba Vergès in collaboration with the journalist Jordi Basté.

This slight decrease in tobacco consumption in Catalonia has been produced after the rebound of 2018 as explained the Health Department. ESCA data found an increase consumption with a prevalence that went from 24.0% in 2017 to 25.6% in 2018, which led the Health Department to put among other measures, an anti-tobacco campaign intended for young people and starring the player of the NBA, Ricky Rubio. Under the slogan “Hang in there”, the campaign made Emphasis on the group of young people between 14 and 20 years old to prevent them from starting to smoke or have them quit as soon as possible.