World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, the first to be celebrated under the universal impact of the pandemic, we must remember that this year there will be almost 10 million deaths and that half of all men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. In view of this evidence, NOVARTIS and The Ricky Rubio Foundation express their desire to reinforce their commitment and collaboration in the fight against a disease against which unfortunately there is no vaccine, only an enormous medical, scientific and social effort to confront and defeat it.

As a result of this untiring work in which NOVARTIS credits years and enormous resources destined to fight cancer, today we ratify our firm and determined objective of curing cancer, a goal that keeps us permanently alert and committed to humanity.

We count on science, technology and work, but we know that only with the human factor will we win this long battle. From the patient, their families, their environment, the sensitivity that this disease awakens, healthcare professionals, doctors, researchers, the sum of the efforts of so many brilliant minds, their creativity, ideas and innovation multiply the effectiveness of this great effort when teams like those of NOVARTIS find allies like The Ricky Rubio Foundation, an institution that from its social vision is capable of providing that personal stimulus and an essential emotional, emotional and proximity contribution.

Soon a humanization room for the Institut Català d’Oncologia del Hospital de Can Ruti de Badalona will be a reality, destined to accompany and help patients in radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments, the two most common ways in the process of cancer reduction. An environment of emotional and emotional support, comforting, also for their families and relatives that has proven to be as important and effective as other therapies, whether pharmacological or of any other nature.

We at NOVARTIS and The Ricky Rubio Foundation are convinced that progress is made when biology, medicine and genetics find in the souls of patients and society itself that human stimulus projected and led by people like Ricky Rubio, athletes who compete and make thousands of people happy with their talent, but above all with their attitude towards life, aware that their talent ultimately serves to make the world a better place.

On this 4th of March we therefore reiterate that the fight against cancer will continue to be a priority and a necessary challenge, an emergency. We want to draw the world’s attention to a disease with a lethality and mortality higher than any other known in these difficult times, the worst that both medicine and people have faced in many years.

In the face of this added adversity, NOVARTIS and The Ricky Rubio Foundation share and identify with a philosophy, vocation and objective that leaves no room for doubt: the definitive cure for cancer.