Welcome El Masnou to Community Team!

Welcome El Masnou to Community Team!

The Centre Obert Maricel started on Tuesday April 6th its participation in the Community Team project of The Ricky Rubio Foundation. The first activity was carried out at the Centro Abierto by Vidal Sabater, Community Team coach, with the assistance of María Esparza, project manager of Advance Inspiring Social Innovation; Dolores Raus, Estrategias Digitales, and José Heredia, manager of The Ricky Rubio Foundation.

The Community Team project is aimed at children and young people with the objective of forming, through the practice of basketball, competent and reflective people for life.

The practice of sports allows the integration of the lessons learned in training for any context of everyday life, so that the basketball court also allows the training of life skills. Thus, it is a common goal for the Community Team project and the Maricel Open Center to contribute to the integration and socialization of children and adolescents, as well as to work on values and the management of emotions.

Ricky Rubio, whose priority is that children and young people grow and integrate socially, will visit the Maricel Open Center to see how the project is developing whenever his professional obligations allow it. Throughout the 2020-1021 season, a group of boys and girls participating in the project will go to see an ACB game (Barça Lassa or Divina Juventud) invited by The Ricky Rubio Foundation.

This activity will take place during school hours, specifically on Thursdays from 5.30 to 6.30 pm, and will be held at the Ricky Rubio court of the Municipal Sports Complex of El Masnou.