The Ricky Rubio Foundation and Fagron Foundation, taking care from Covid-19 of children and cancer patients

The Ricky Rubio Foundation and Fagron Foundation, taking care from Covid-19 of children and cancer patients

We delivered disinfection and hygiene products for 250 beneficiaries of the Community Team project and test of coronavirus for the Rosell Cancer Institute.

Fagron Foundation and The Ricky Rubio Foundation started a positive collaboration, in this sanitary emergency time, and brought a quick and effective help to vulnerable kids and their families, and also to cancer patients at risk of irreversible collateral damage due to the pandemic.

As part of the expansion of social actions undertaken by Fagron Foundation, Barcelona was the center of operations, specifically in Raval’s neighborhood, in the district of the city with the highest percentage of emigration and kids with more problems of integration and equal opportunities. The beneficiaries have been two hundred boys and girls from the program Community Team of The Ricky Rubio Foundation, which uses basketball to improve this kids social skills and their non-formal education.

They usually lived in flats of 40 or 60 m2, with 7 or 8 people. They have been able to start the decommissioning with the maximum guarantees of hygiene using the hydro gels that Fagron Foundation distributed. The gels provided ensure hygiene for the return to normalcy and the tranquility of avoiding the risk of contagion.

Rafael Padilla, CEO of Fagron Group, and Marcos Vinzia, CEO of Fagron Ibérica, participated personally in the delivery and communication of instructions to boys and girls who assisted with their families. The health care companies constantly insist that hand hygiene is the best weapon against the transmission of COVID-19.

Laia Serraima, responsible of the Community Team at Raval neighbourhood organized the distribution from the Association Ciutat Vella Sports Center.


Fagron, a multinational company specializing in personalized medicine that integrates

genomics in its treatments, allowed to attend another type of emergency resulting from the pandemic.

Also in collaboration with The Ricky The Rubio Foundation raised the possibility of helping a group at serious risk of life: cancer patients in treatment or about to initiate it for which there are not enough COVID-19 tests.

TRRF’s medical partner, the Rosell Oncology Institute, focused on this contradictory need between the test requirements of the new protocols doctors and the insufficiency of the necessary amount, which is why daily care had to be reduced to three patients out of the more than the 25 they should treated and controlled.

Fagron Foundation will be able to distribute 120 express tests at the Rosell Oncology Institute, in order to order to alleviate this shortcoming in patients who, obligatorily, cannot be exposed to any uncertainty.

The distribution will be made at The Ricky Rubio Foundation Room at Hospital

Universitari Dexeus – Quirón, from Rafael Padilla and Marcos Vinzia to Dr. Santiago Viteri, from the medical staff of the Rosell Oncology Insitute, who especially thanked

the valuable contribution made by the Fagron Foundation and the sensitivity shown dealing with this extreme situation.

On behalf of his Foundation, Ricky Rubio sent a thankful message to the Fagron Foundation for this double collaboration with basic necessities. “In situations like this, you know who there are to helped you. It has been an unbeatable first step, much to be thanked for the ability of reaction that has allowed us to walk in this common goal of the two foundations such as improving the lives of people who need it most. I hope we continue to walk this path together.”