Call for maximum collaboration against Covid-19

Call for maximum collaboration against Covid-19

The confinement situation decreed by the coronavirus pandemic has obligated THE RICKY RUBIO FOUNDATION to readjust its efforts helping the citizen emergency with different actions to bring support to the sanitary structures.

Beyond the priceless commitment made by hospitals every day to defeat the pandemic, this foundation also wants to thank the endeavor and vocation of every worker who sustains the essential activities like cleaning, medicine, people and goods in transit, food suppliers, security and civil protection, and everyone who contributes to the confinement’s efficiency and order.

Ricky Rubio himself is collaborating with the Health Department disclosure of the individual and collective instructions and recommendations that are fighting against the coronavirus transmission. The Ricky Rubio Foundation makes a call to collaborate with donations that the sanitary centers need to keep treating people in the best conditions. They also need the reposition of basic supplies for protection, medicine and respirators.


The COMMUNITY TEAM Project the Ricky Rubio Foundation develops together with the Associació Esportiva Ciutat Vella is being affected, and has to stop the activities because of the confinement.

In the Raval neighborhood, the boys and girls who are beneficiaries of this project live in difficult situations, in small places and their families are trying to keep on with the minimum resources. The Ricky Rubio Foundation is developing new leads while this situation continues, and is being conscious that it’s going to be complicated to get back soon to the regular conditions.