We teamed up with NBN23!

We teamed up with NBN23!

  • The Spanish technology company will collaborate with the Ricky Rubio Foundation.
  • The Spanish technology company will give visibility to the Foundation through Swish APP.
  • The Foundation focuses its efforts on the inclusion of young people and children, and the fight against lung cancer.

We are very pleased to announce that we have established a partnership with NBN23, whose objective is to help the Ricky Rubio Foundation grow thanks to an agreement that will give visibility to the Foundation through its presence on Swish APP, NBN23’s app for tracking live amateur matches.

The agreement will allow the Ricky Rubio Foundation to have much more impact and visibility thanks to the thousands of users of the APP. With a single click, everyone who has Swish will be able to access the Foundation’s website and contribute to the humanitarian projects that have been carried out for years.

The Ricky Rubio Foundation allocates all its efforts to three causes with which it actively works: the fight against lung cancer, the inclusion of children and young people without resources and aid to children and young people with disabilities. Anyone who contributes to the Foundation will be helping these vitally important causes.

Miguel Bullón, executive director of NBN23, said he was “proud to give visibility to the Ricky Rubio Foundation’s projects” and also stated: “This collaboration is another example of NBN23’s DNA, which has led us to take part in numerous humanitarian projects such as those that promote the development of children and the fight against cancer,” he said.