Ricky Rubio led the opening for the Run for the Oceans promoted by Adidas

Ricky Rubio led the opening for the Run for the Oceans promoted by Adidas

Catalonia will host one of the biggest events of the year to help fight against the plastic pollution that our oceans are suffering with. Thousands of people will be joining their efforts from the 8th to the 14th of June, where the Mundial Ocean Day takes place too. Run for The Ocean, promoted by Adidas, has the support of Parley for the Oceans organizations and also Ricky Rubio. They all join their strength to stop people from throwing plastic in the seaside.

Ricky Rubio will join the Run For The Oceans movement promoted by Adidas. The event will take place in Moll de Bosch I Alsina at Barcelona, the 11th of June at 10:45h.

To explain to society how dangerous it is to throw plastics into the seaside, Adidas Run For The Oceans House,  will open a space to invite everyone from the 13th of June  to learn about this situation. There will be workshops, Parley Talks and other related activities. This event is promoted by Adidas and will take place in The House, Barcelona.

Athletes like Ana Peleteiro or Luis Alberto, Ambassadors of Foundation Parley For The Oceans and the World Director of Adidas, Alberto Uncin will join the event.

On the 14th of June, 3,000 runners will run to raise money for educational programs to increase awareness of the importance to keep our oceans free of plastic among others. The money raised will be for Parley For the Ocean organization. Adidas and Parley want to thank the runners and Barcelona for their support with a final surprise ceremony. Also, from the 11th to the 13th of June, Adidas and the Fundacion de Navegacion Oceanica de Barcelona (FNOB) and the School Sports Barcelona are organizing an educational activity for the children that are currently running the program “Sports in the Ocean” with the support of the City Hall of Barcelona. The activity will collect plastic in front of the seaside in Barcelona, where free scuba divers will collect plastics and give them to boats driven by students that will take them to the shore to recycle them.