No kids without books during confinement

No kids without books during confinement

The Ricky Rubio Foundation, the Ministry of Labor, Social and Families Services, with the collaboration of the Grup Enciclopèdia, have launched a campaign to distribute 2,500 books to minors under the care of the Generalitat during confinement, with the aim of promoting the habit of reading.

The confinement situation affects the kids who are supervised by the Generalitat all over the country. The Ricky Rubio Foundation, the Ministry of Labor, Social and Families Services sent them a big stock of reading and entertainment books.

In collaboration with the Ministry, and specially with the General Direction of Care of Childhood and Teenagers (DGAIA), The Ricky Rubio Foundation had bought and distributed 2,500 new reading and entertaining books for readers up to 18 years old.

This need for children’s and youth literature has increased due to current conditions. When the lack of confidence of boys and girls begins the books will go to the DGAIA to promote the habit of reading.

A book is a world’s window to enjoy adventures, to learn, to travel without leaving our houses, to know new cultures and to share reading moments with friends. This is why this book donation for childs and teenagers is a way to improve the stay at this minor’s centers.

The Minister Chakir El Homrani said “this is a great initiative, where we can all see that the collaborations are a powerful help to improve this particular situation”. He also explained that “encouraging the kids to spend time with these books while they can’t go out is the best way to get impassioned reading and sharing stories.”

The Ricky Rubio Foundation wants to highlight the collaboration of the Group Enciclopé in this initiative who has been really important in the success of this project. The specialized publisher La Galera and Galera Young distributed the books, after checking the book’s stock and the liable to enter within the parameters of this need.

Ricky Rubio thinks this initiative is really interesting and successful improving the quarantine of these kids, by the pleasure of reading, age appropriate, providing entertainment, self education and the initiation to the habit of reading. “We can enjoy the quarantine time using the books for entertainment and daily fun.”

With General Direction of Care of Childhood and Teenagers, the Ministry had started the book’s distribution and began to plan the circulation of the books attending to all the security and hygiene instructions, so more childs can enjoy them during this quarantine time.