Momentary suspension of outdoor training

Momentary suspension of outdoor training

Because health and well-being are our top priority, Community Team training in Barcelona and Girona is momentarily suspended.

Based on new safety recommendations and due to force majeure, The Ricky Rubio Foundation has decided to temporarily postpone outdoor training in the Raval and Font de la Polvora.

In any case, the monitors continue in contact with the children, following up and accompanying them through the WhatsApp groups with the hope of being able to meet again on the track as soon as possible.

The second wave of the pandemic finds us better prepared to continue the work in other ways: prioritizing the health of all but without ceasing to transmit the values of Community Team. In this way, we add our contribution to stop the COVID-19, decreasing the physical contact between children and monitors, but redirecting our efforts to continue being present in the accompaniment and transmission of values.

It is our greatest wish that in both venues we can resume the usual format of this project as soon as possible.