The Ricky Rubio Foundation and Novartis come together in the prevention and social awareness of lung cancer

The Ricky Rubio Foundation and Novartis come together in the prevention and social awareness of lung cancer

  • The two entities have joined forces in a collaboration aimed at working together on activities aimed at preventing this type of tumor, raising social awareness and improving care for these patients and their families
  • Lung cancer is the tumor responsible for the highest number of deaths in Spain, where over 29,500 new cases are being diagnosed each year1

As part of the World Lung Cancer Day, held on 17 November, the Ricky Rubio Foundation and Novartis have joined forces to improve lung cancer prevention, social awareness, to promote its research and to enhance the care of patients and families. Lung cancer is the fourth most common cancer in Spain with over 29,500 new cases a year in Spain and the most diagnosed worldwide1.

Through the agreement, they will develop joint activities aimed to raise awareness of this cancer and its prevention. We should remember that lung cancer is the tumor responsible for the greatest number of deaths, being the first cause of cancer death in men and the second in women (followed by breast cancer) in Spain1. Tobacco is one of the main avoidable risk factors associated with this cancer and, according to the WHO, cigarettes account for up to 33% of tumors. for up to 33% of tumors. In fact, in Spain, the reduction in the number of deaths from lung cancer regarding the previous year (a -0.3%), is linked to the decrease in tobacco consumption. 

The collaboration also involves providing new solutions to improve care for patients and their families with cancer through initiatives that seek to achieve the humanization of care by creating more sensitive and familiar spaces in hospitals. Throughout 2020, they will also carry solidarity sports activities out to raise funds for cancer lung research.

As Ricky Rubio mentioned: “This agreement is not only a direct and effective benefit in helping those suffering from lung cancer, and I am referring to patients and their families who will see their lives improved, but it also extends our Foundation exactly where we want to take it. The collaboration of Novartis in implementing space for emotional care and leisure for people under hospital treatment responds to the expectations of being at the side of those who fight against this disease every day. We want to be there. On behalf of The Ricky Foundation, we thank you for this step forward.”

José Marcilla, CEO of Novartis Oncology, pointed out: “We are very grateful to the Ricky Rubio Foundation for entering this exciting journey that will allow us to advance our purpose of bringing, through innovation, courageous smiles to people and families who are going through such a hard process as lung cancer. By joining forces, we will achieve great things together and we will continue dreaming of curing cancer one day.”


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