ENDESA expands its collaboration with The Ricky Rubio Foundation to strengthen its work in support of children in vulnerable situations

ENDESA expands its collaboration with The Ricky Rubio Foundation to strengthen its work in support of children in vulnerable situations

  • The NBA player and the CEO of Endesa, Jose Bogas, share their thoughts, in a talk moderated by sports journalist Antoni Daimiel, on the consequences of the pandemic in the world of sports and business.
  • The Vaccine of Sport, a meeting moderated by the journalist Antoni Daimiel, addresses the lessons learned as a society during the crisis of the COVID-19, through the search for analogies between both sectors.
  • The action is part of Endesa’s Public Responsibility Plan, which has been granted 25 million Euros, to help alleviate the socio-health consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • A total of 350 children benefit from the Ricky Rubio Foundation’s Community Team program that uses basketball as a tool for social integration

Endesa expands its support to the Ricky Rubio Foundation to strengthen its lines of work with families and children in vulnerable situations. Both organizations have been collaborating for two years now. This expansion of collaboration is part of Endesa’s Public Responsibility Plan, launched in March with an allocation of 25 million Euros, to alleviate the health and economic emergencies derived from the Covid 19 pandemic. The support of Endesa will help 350 children and their families in the neighborhoods of El Raval, in Barcelona, and Font de la Pólvora, in Girona, and in El Masnou (a municipality in the province of Barcelona where Ricky Rubio is from).

The Ricky Rubio Foundation is focused on fighting and raising awareness against cancer and helping disadvantaged families and children through basketball and education. But the situation of extreme vulnerability caused by the pandemic in some groups requires a redoubling of efforts and has led the Foundation to carry out all kinds of actions such as the delivery of protective material (masks and hydroalcoholic gels), food or reading material, among others. Endesa, which was already collaborating with the Foundation, wanted to reinforce its support in order to attend to the new needs arising from the pandemic.

The Ricky Rubio Foundation sees sport as a powerful tool for social revitalization and integration for children and adolescents, between the ages of 10 and 16, in depressed areas. Community Team, the program of The Ricky Rubio Foundation that Endesa supports, responds to this objective with a methodology based on reflective play, through the practice of a sport such as basketball in an extracurricular format.

Children have fun playing a sport while developing life skills, incorporating healthy living habits, social skills and value formation. The aim is to reinforce the security, confidence and independence of the beneficiary children when making their own decisions by overcoming the obstacles of the environment in which they live. In the last three years, 250 children and adolescents from the El Raval neighborhood in Barcelona have benefited from the program, in addition to 50 more children in the Font de la Pólvora neighborhood in Girona and another 50 in El Masnou. In total, 350 children and 1,600 family members benefit directly and indirectly from this program.

The experience of the confinement and the impact of the pandemic by the Covid 19, have extraordinarily aggravated the problems of coexistence in these areas. For this reason, contact with families and follow-up teams has been strengthened. In addition, new tools have been included such as videos and distance tutoring, books to support schooling, replacement of the activity suspended by summer sessions, as well as the delivery of masks and hydroalcoholic gels for the beneficiaries and their families.

The provision of snacks adapted to wear and physical activity has also been ensured, as the COMMUNITY TEAM program also promotes, within the health habits, an improvement in the nutrition of children through workshops for children, monitors and families.

Endesa, with the values of basketball

Endesa supports basketball since 2011, being the main sponsor of the most important competitions: Spanish Men’s Basketball League (Liga Endesa) and Women’s Basketball League (Liga Femenina Endesa), National Basketball Teams, Euroleague, NBA and Wheelchair Basketball Federation.

For this same reason, it carries out projects with basketball players of international prestige who, beyond their sports facet, embody a series of positive values and represent our country outside its borders. This is the case of Ricky Rubio, who has been the star and MVP of the last World Cup held in China, where the Spanish National Team won the world gold. Ricky is recognized for his values, his commitment to society, the fight against lung cancer, and the use of sports and basketball as a tool for the integration of boys and girls at risk of exclusion and poverty.

In the last two years, Endesa has collaborated with its foundation by developing programs for young people with the objective of integrating them into society through sports and education.

Community Team in El Raval, Font de la Polvora and El Masnou

Since 2018, the Ricky Rubio Foundation has developed the Community Team program in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona with more than 250 boys and girls working, thanks to sports and youth groups, on fundamental aspects such as coexistence and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religious, economic or social beliefs, among others. The program transmits the 10 Skills for Life defined by the World Health Organization as essential to form the best citizens of the future.

In Font de la Pólvora (Girona) the project associated with basketball is part of an integral plan of education in values through 3 axes: sport, culture and education.

Besides being applied in this specific neighborhood of Girona, Community Team will carry out a series of basketball courses in Banyoles and specific training courses for the coaches of the base teams of Club Baloncesto Banyoles.

The program for Masnou, Ricky Rubio’s hometown, is being implemented in the current 2020-21 school year and will help 50 young people.

Talk between Ricky Rubio and José Bogas

On the occasion of this expansion of the alliance between Endesa and the Ricky Rubio Foundation, the NBA player and the CEO of Endesa, Jose Bogas, met recently to analyze and reflect on the effects of the pandemic in the world of sports and business.

The Vaccine of Sport, a meeting moderated by the journalist Antoni Daimiel, addresses the lessons learned as a society during the Covid 19 crisis, through the search for analogies between the sports and corporate spheres.

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