La Marató de TV3

— You do not know what cancer is until you have to face it —

Ricky Rubio, one of the world´s most important sports role model, appeared on TV3 “Marato” which took place on Sunday, December 16. The Marato beat a historical record when they raised almost 11 million euros that will be used to investigate different cures for cancer. 


The international basketball player, from the NBA team, Utah Jazz, appeared on the program on two occasions. The first took place when the program had the most viewers. The program aired a video of Ricky Rubio, which was recorded in September, prior to Ricky leaving for the United States, to start his pre-season in the NBA. In the video, Ricky was standing at Masnou beach as he was explaining how this beach reminds him of his mother, Tona. His mother died at 56 years old because of lunge cancer. The loss of his mother motivated him to help people who suffer from lung cancer. Lung cancer is quite difficult to detect and it is very fatal once it has develop. For this reason, Ricky wanted to start his own foundation to ensure that help can be provided for people who are diagnosed with this cancer. Along with the importance of starting his own foundation, Ricky felt the importance of participating in The Marato of TV3.


On the second occasion that Ricky Rubio appeared in the program, he had just finished playing a basketball game in Mexico when he was interviewed, via Skype, by The Marato presenters. Ricky expressed his support for the importance of The Marato cause and celebrated The Catalan people for participating in raising money for this special cause. This year´s cause was special for Ricky because, unfortunately, he and his family suffered the pain of having a member of the family affected by cancer. “You do not know what cancer is until you have to face it” Ricky said during the interview. He also praised the musicians that join the cause and told the presenters that he buys the CD every year.


After Ricky’s appearance, The Marato of TV3 announced that they raised almost eleven million euros. This number has never been achieved before and may continue increasing, as the phone lines to donate money will continue to be open for donations for a few months to come.